Its holi time but for love.


world sleep day

Dear All,

Its world sleeping disorder awareness day today and what we can do for that. Before that we should know  its importance. For the same please find attached file which give you more eye on spectrum of sleep disorder.
Help to spread the awareness.

are we devour caffeine ?

caffeine-safe-doses-health-conditions-1 caffeine-safe-limits-teens-2 adult-caffeine-safe-doses-3 article-2274679-17649407000005DC-418_634x669 the-world-s-biggest-coffee-drinkers-coffee-consumption-per-capita_chartbuilder-1FDA product details

Sagging in or around Coffey shop is daily routine for many of us not for hang out but to have daily dose of highest salable medicine called “caffeine”. Yes, that’s true, we Indians are growing in the Coffey consumption per capita and this year we had consumed 1 lakh 24 k tonnes of Coffey which is just two fold as per expected in 1995.

Are we having any idea of so called SCAD? Yes its daily standard caffeine dose. Wow each and everything in the world why has its dose? Can’t we have something without limitation? It’s not so easy to explain but do not mess with caffeine anymore as many foreign authority are having red eye against them.

India has emerged as one of the favored destinations for coffee shops popularly termed as Cafes and at my own city apnu amdavad witnessing many emerged cafe and lounges offering vary amount of brew and green leafy. According to analysis Coffee Chains market in India will witness phenomenal growth in near future. The outlook for the café outlet market in India seems very promising as the overall consumer spending is increasing in the country. Rising per capita income, increased literacy and rapid urbanization have caused rapid growth and change in demand patterns.

Overdose of caffeine have many adverse and dangerous effects which might turns end of life and many such incidents happened. Recently I had read article where a girl after having two energy drink ,suddenly got chest pain and lost her life in minutes and after post mortem report came out its proved that her death is because of overdose effect of caffeine which she digested through energy drink which produce cardio toxin agents in our body.

After so many hazardous incidents US-FDA kept account the usage and also banned few products and first one is Wrigley’s caffeine contenting chew gum. In India we do not have any regulation by order but even we do not have enough knowledge about the same.

Caffeine is generally consumed in amounts less than 300mg per day, roughly equivalent to:

3-4 cups of roast and ground coffee
5 cups of instant coffee
5 cups of tea
6 servings of some colas or
10 tablets of some painkillers

Customary caffeine consumption has been classified as follows:

Low caffeine users: less than 200mg per day
Moderate caffeine users: 200-400mg per day
High caffeine users: more than 400mg per day


Even we have caffeine consumption as per age limit also for specific health conditions.  Like pregnant lady, one who is having Diabetes or suffering for any heart disease should not have daily dose exceed of 200 mg which would be dangerous for their health.

Same way children below 12 should not have caffeine no more than 45 mg and 13-18 age children up to 100 mg per day.

Although India is not one of the highest in coffee consumer still its red sign for upcoming years seeing many young crowds making their caffeine dose up rang.  The Netherlands’ per-capita consumption of 2.4 cups a day is almost the same as those of the US, UK, Spain, and France combined and India at the bottom in the list having 0.0024 cup/day which surprising to me, seeing risen up Coffey shops and by past experience of south India .

Few most C productive contests are cold drink, energy drink and brew which we usually having it often and that’s grievous.

Oh I forgot, it’s time for Coffey. Don’t worry but still keep in your mind as human are made to limit. Cheers. Keep rocking your Coffey mania as it also so beneficially.

Dr Bhavan Bhavsar

cultural index data

cultural index data

Seeing Reading as a hobby in many so called professional bio data of groom made me think more on that line and found out many amazing stuff which is unknown to me and I hope many others.
We pursue reading as a habit from very beginning as being youth and when we use to attend school where we tends to summaries many poem books, other story books and from there we had got urge to read and that continuous.
International cultural index reflects novel reading habits of Indian, which is highest in the globe compare to other countries. Average Indian read 10.7 hours every week which is almost 10 % time of a week and its so productive and that is the point where we can see many international giants making their top notch, a Indian and recent example is Microsoft.

Many cloud giants are aiming India and which is for them a big productive market. In the recent year Amazon is the first to participant in world book fair which is held in new Delhi and they took part first time in fair which gives example how big market India is. If we compare eBook readers growth in few years than we are the winner of it as in 2012, Indian e book business growth inclined to 16.3% when US AND Uk’S growth was declining. In India 25 million books are sold online.
We downloaded more mobile applications in one year than the estimated book bought in 50 years. That’s so Whammy but it’s true. From 1962 to 2012, they were 72.4 books sold and only in year 2013 almost102 billions mobile application were downloaded around globe. Aren’t we living in e-Edge life?
Cultural index is not only for reading but also for television, radio and internet Usage.

Radio is also a very important medium of media. Apart from All India Radio and public broadcaster Prasar Bharti, there are a total of 245 private FM radio stations in operation currently, according to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s (TRAI). 800 radio channels in India is not less though in this mobi- tech world radio became oldies and that shows in cultural index.

The National Youth Policy, 2003 reiterated the commitment of the entire nation to the composite and all-round development of the young sons and daughters of India. The Policy recognizes that in order to facilitate effective youth participation in the decision-making processes, it is essential that this vital and vibrant group is equipped with requisite knowledge, skills and capabilities. In other words, youth power can be harnessed for the country’s development only by providing young Indian with the right dose of education, motivation and exposure to the outside world. In today’s world, uneducated and malnourished workers find little place in
Productive employment..
The country can compete with developed countries only if it creates a strong culture of reading among its Youth. Without a regular reading habit, the advantages accruing from literacy, or what is learnt in school, may be quickly frittered away.

OBCs make up 40 per cent of the literate youth, followed by general castes (27%), SC (23%) and ST (10%).About 43 per cent of Christian and 25 per cent of Hindu youth read leisure books. Readership among the Sikh youth is 13 per cent. The Hindu readers constitute about 82 per cent of the total readers as against 12 per cent share of Muslims.

So now when you find reading as a hobby in each and every matrimonial bio data, don’t think it’s just for shake of writing rather be serious and keep reading.

Dr Bhavan Bhavsar

Temple or wealth making corporate?

Sitting in the mist of spiritual programme surrounded by artificial smiley human psyche and where one hold there hands not for humanity but towards flirty wealthy who dealt with white conversation business through so called donation.

No way now visiting temple for prayer where you don’t see slogan of “gita” nor idol to devote rather slogans of where to donate and why one should donate.

Anyone from India ever got chance to think, how many temples are in India?  Yes its shocking but official data shows there are 6 lakhs temples in India but one famous web portal estimates tenfold of what is estimated and which turns every temple for 1713 people of Hindu. So by looking into Indian population density there is every temple after about 4.5 km/2 which ridiculous as even don’t have a house to leave ad one having temple .

Seeing so called temple tourism and Hinduism spirit into many people which is increasing day by day and in a corporate professional way but showing it in clean novel way. Have anyone heard of giving thread to tighten up on your wrist and different temples have different colour, texture and style. It is just nothing but a identity of particular temple which in turns attracts more devotes.

“Prasadam”- a giveaway blessing in form of packed food item and which is chargeable. I have never heard or thought that our God ever given such kind of blessings and for which they you have took charge. Different temple having different form of giveaway which counts from laddu to sira to Khichadi.

So everybody is in race to make their own identity and forgot what our god inspires us.

“Call me by whatever name you like;

Worship me any form you like;

All that worship goes to one and only supreme reality called Brahman.”

We are fighting to get into the race or running hard to make other out of race as our psyche made us followed faulty spiritual sentiments. A single temple of India can feed to 2 billion people for almost a year and that in turns reduces malnutrition to half fold and poverty by 20 %. Have god anytime told to make people slave or not feed?

My only debate is one should not think spirituality beyond humanity. Humanity is the base and damned any god cant denied to stop it.

I hope doctor who involves in so called Charity Hospitals ever gave discounts to needy or I ever let go 10 Rs either and they came out to this artificial spirituality soul which is ridiculous.

So next time one visits such wealth making corporate be aware and let other be aware.


sleep well clinic will be next destination for Nursing staff.

Sleep- well Program for Nursing Staffpicture scaleStanford Sleepiness Scale 

Loss of sleep affects an individual both physically and mentally. Health professionals with poor quality of sleep are at risk for patient medication errors and poor patient outcomes. Understanding the different dynamics of what may develop because of lack of sleep may motivate nurses to improve sleep health.

The effects of fatigue on performance are manifested in decreased alertness, vigilance, concentration, judgment, mood, and performance which in turns effects on memory, poor communication, lack of energy and increase negativity.

When compared with the day shift, risks were 15% higher for evening shifts, and 28% higher for night shifts. When compared with 8-hour shifts, 10-hour shifts increased the risk for accidents and errors by 13%, and 12-hour shifts increased this risk by 28%. As the number of successive night shifts increased, risk increased by 17% for the third night shift, and 36% for the fourth.

Nurses, managers, and employers share the responsibility of implementing strategies to reduce sleep related risks. Strategies for nurses include adopting good sleep practices and behaviors and allowing sufficient time to get enough sleep. Strategies for managers include instituting policies and systems in the workplace to reduce fatigue.

To spread the awareness and making hospital safer for worker and patient, few below mentioned strategies to be implement.

Improving Sleep Habits and Routines

The key strategy for reducing risks from fatigue is getting enough good, quality sleep every day and maintains sleep hygiene.

Educating nursing staffs in regard to fatigue as a contributing factor in error and fatigue counter measures.

 Correcting Other Causes of Sleepiness

Another strategy for reducing risks from fatigue is to identify and manage other factors that increase daytime sleepiness, including sleep disorders and a wide range of other chronic disorders that disturb sleep.

Being Aware of the Potential for Error and Injury

Sleep deprivation increases pressure for the brain to fall asleep. The transition from wakefulness to sleep is abrupt and rapid and occurs in an on-off-type switch in the brain stem The warning signs that the brain is close to falling asleep include difficulty focusing, frequent blinking, or heavy eyelids; daydreaming or wandering and disconnected thoughts; yawning repeatedly or rubbing eyes; difficulty keeping head up; and feeling restless and irritable.

 Using Naps

The Standards Practice Committee for sleep medicine recommends planned naps before or during night shifts because research reflects a high degree of clinical certainty for their effectiveness.

Using Caffeine

Caffeine is a commonly used stimulant that takes approximately 30 minutes to reach peak plasma levels. The equivalent of two cups of coffee can increase alertness for a few hours. However, heavy daily use of caffeine may reduce its effectiveness.

Using Light

Light increases alertness and is a strong signal for circadian rhythms. Many questions remain about the optimum color of light, intensities, and length of time for exposure to light. Sunlight is most effective, but common levels of artificial room level light (100 lux or more) also increase alertness.

For night workers, some researchers suggest intermittently going into well-lit areas during the first several hours of the shift and reducing light exposure a few hours before bedtime to help prepare the body for sleep when home.

Eye on Sugar Intake

Few studies suggest simple sugars may increase sleepiness, so it is best to avoid sugar rich beverages and foods when prone to sleepiness and there is a need to stay alert.

Co-staff activity

Making oneself open will solve many unwanted problems and sharing your problem might help to making your life healthier.

Group activity with little fun around every 20 minutes 4th hourly will make night shift errors to the lowest. Group Exercise program is good idea fir night shift worker.

Be Involved

Try to count yourself in for sleep-well program.