In this gadget world we read everyday on social media about some goodness of alcohol and we get so hype that we convince ourselves to drink few more liquor as people says its good. one should know the real facts and specially in Kenya where 36% students consumes any form of alcohol.

The World Health Organization reported last year that drinking can increase your risk of depression and anxiety, liver cirrhosis, pancreatitis, suicide, violence, and accidental injury. Alcohol is also linked to cancer of the mouth, nose, larynx, oesophagus, colon, liver, and breast cancer in women

Alcohol & kenya – Link for data and research

In 2012, about 3.3 million net deaths, or 5.9% of all global deaths, were attributable to alcohol consumption. There are significant sex differences in the proportion of global deaths attributable to alcohol, for example, in 2012 7.6% of deaths among males and 4% of deaths among females were attributable to alcohol.

Alcohol relate to social,physical and financial constrain if not consumed wisely. How many of us seen people wasted their life or loosed business or family member because of alcohol. Please read a interesting visuals which provides eye opening  facts about Kenya.





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