# World Social Media Day #

Its world social media day today # social media is useful if used in a right way. Now days doctors post surgery video and patients live video which is not right. Lets see how social is important in Health Industry.

1. Responding to and Coping with Tragedy
2. Offering Charity To Those In Need
3. Opening New Lines of Communication
4. Sharing Hope and Courage
5. Reuniting Loved Ones
6. Showing that Positivity is Worth Sharing

social media

How many of us seen doctors put their patients success story online? i have seen many doctors put live surgeries ? is that right?

Its the time when we use social  media for everything and ones persona life is totally devastated with the same.

Refer following link for more details.

Social media & Health


Brain tumor .do you know?

Working in Neuro ICU for long made me tough that i don’t even bother if one really scream as i know its not stable mind of patient. I really sometime pity on patients in ICU who are restrained and one feels like animal.

what happen when one day we get up and our half side is not moving and one cant speak or convey message or one don’t know who he is and where is he?

That strange but i have tried on my own and seriously it was tragic and i can not able to bare such for half an hour. How come this people bare? Its because they don’t know what is going on. Lets know what is brain tumor and how we should respond. see the below link to know more about brain tumor.

The basics of (3)


world brain tumor day